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  • It's time
    of lovely

    It's time to travel to Bali

  • It's time
    of lovely

    It's time to travel to Bali

  • It's time
    of lovely

    It's time to travel to Bali

Must See in Bali Bali photo guide

Memories is magical clothes that don’t wear out from use.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

We live in Bali and help people to get unforgettable feelings of communication with the island of demons and gods.

We will be happy to make your trip more amazing.

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Должны увидеть на Бали

Plan to go to Bali

Use photoguide Balimio for planning travel to the island of demons and gods.

Our Bali map will help you plan trips to the most interesting and beautiful places and tide chart advise the best time to visit the beaches in Bali.

Did not find the necessary information about Bali? Ask a question by  Email

Фото Гили

Plan to go to Gili

Every day we book tickets for the big fast boat, accommodating from 80 to 120 people.
Our clients always get good service from a reliable boat companies.

Book your tickets in advance to get a special promotional price.
Payment is made before departure in Padang Bai before sailing.

It is an open return date tickets and you can go back to Bali on any date.

For tickets you do not have to go anywhere, just send a message in  Email and we will make booking and answer all the questions.

Фото гид Бали

Bali Photo Guide

People. Reportages. Attractions

In our website you will find pictures and a description of the beautiful and interesting places and events in Bali.

This is our new project, here will be several hundred attractions of Bali and neighboring islands.

Examples of galleries
Lembongan Island
Kite Festival
Blue flame of Ijen Batur volcano sunrise

Вилла на Бали

Rental accommodation in Bali

More than a thousand private villas, houses and apartments in Bali can be booked use the service

Try to choose the accommodation on the website

If you have difficulty with choosing, just  Email us your questions.