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From Bali to the Islands

Find your own Piece of Paradise, go from Bali to the Gili islands.

Fast boat will bring you to a wonderful place. There you will found the white beaches, clear water and large sea turtles.

Safety and comfort

Every day we book tickets for the big fast boat, accommodating from 60 to 120 people.

It is a large and spacious boat with comfortable soft seats. Toilet facilities available on the boat.


Powerful engines allow make a way from Padang Bai to the Gili Trawangan in two hours, with stops at Lombok and Gili Air.

It is a big boat, fast and well balanced making this boat very stable on the ocean.

Do not keep emotions

keep hold of your hat...

When traveling inside the cabin if you get bored - safely go on the top.

The boat travels very quickly, so keep your hats and sunglasses on secure!
Especially when you notice the dolphins.

Do not be disappointed

Gili Islands are a popular tourist destination.

Please book tickets 7 days in advance, especially when planning a trip for the weekend or holidays.

Pick-up conditions and tickets can be found on page Things to do in Bali

Gili tickets

It is an open return date tickets - you can go back to Bali on any date.

Depending on the boat company and area of residence the cost of tickets may vary between 30 and 100 dollars for round trip.

You can compare prices in Balimio Travel Shop

What else?

For tickets you do not have to go anywhere, just call or send a message by Email.

On our website you just book the tickets, payment is made at the office of the boat company on the pier. Tickets are reserved in your name and pay to company direct.

The price includes a shuttle service from the hotel in Bali and back.

For a child up to two years ticket is not required.

About Gili Meno

You can move to Gili Meno from Gili Air and Gili Trawangan only using a public boat or private boat.

More information about the trip to Gili, boat schedules, hotels, etc. can be found on the pages of Balimio.

How to book tickets?

To book tickets call or send the message by  Email

  full name of the contact person
  how many people and date of departure
  the name and address of your hotel
  local phone number [if you have it]

Pick-up conditions and tickets can be found on the page Gili tickets