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Terms & Conditions

Bonus points.
Any user registered on Balimio Travel, automatically becomes a participant of the bonus program.
After a reservation on the website, you get the opportunity to earn bonus points and use it for future purchases payment.

Discount coupon.
Balimio Travel arranges promotions and contests, where participants can receive coupons on a single or multiple discount.
We also offer discount coupons based on your purchase history!

Gift Certificate.
The ideal, universal and original gift for any occasion - Gift Certificate BaliMio Travel

Shopping cart
Shopping cart is located in the upper right corner of the site.
Shopping cart - your individual page that converts all of your added services. Sign up to get started with a shopping cart, and your shopping cart will always be stored in your currently added services.
Cart products you add a site, it shows in the upper right corner of the quantity of selected services, and in the shopping cart the amount of all services. Going into the cart, you can easily remove excess product.
After the completion of the reservation basket cleansed, and purchased services will go to the client's office.

Quick order.
Quick Order - is a button which allows the buyer to make a purchase on the site as quickly as possible. For order, please enter in the window of quickly order your emails and comments.
Our managers will answer you.