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Night climbing on the active Batur volcano

1.000.000 IDR
approximate price 72.00 USD
Island: Bali
Promo page: Click me!
Availability: Every day

Climbing with an experienced guide starts at 4 a.m. and 
takes about two hours. 
The route is easy  but very Intense and exciting.
Start from hotel at 2am
Minimum - 3 persons

- Car with driver
- Experienced local guide’s services
- Breakfast at the volcano
- Drinking water
Towel and shower items for bathing in the hot springs

Available Options

For those who prefer outdoor activities, we offer a breathtaking adventure - climbing the active Batur volcano and tracking along its craters.
You will enjoy a stunning spectacular sunrise at the top of the volcano when the nature is waking up from a dream and the rays of the rising sun lighting up the peaks of  the three Batur’s brothers - Agung, Abang and mighty Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island.

After the sunrise we will take an unforgettable trip around the extinct crater. You will enjoy the scenic views, see a small acting crater and hear the crackle of the cooling rock. You will be able to touch and feel the hardened lava and volcanic sand.
After the ascent and descent you will be able to recover your energies in the hot springs 
at the foot of the volcano.

After that we will stop at the viewing point, where you can watch volcano Batur, volcano Abang, and Lake Batur from outside.

You will need:
- Get enough sleep before the trip
- Comfortable closed shoes 
  (tracking shoes, trainers etc.), socks
- Pants or long shorts
- Jacket (parka etc.)
- Shawl or scarf
- Camera

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